Is there a solid JOB ARCHITECTURE implemented in your organization in order to provide a consistent job function, job family and job leveling structure which serves as foundation for career progression and compensation?

A job architecture is pivotal if talent retention and succession planning is important for your company. Also, if only an update or alignment for some of your functions and job families are needed.

There are various methodologies to build a job architecture or to level jobs and our consultants have experience with most of these methodologies. If you do not have a methodology in place, we believe in a comparison of methodologies and then choose the most practical and feasible method for your organization!



What is the exact definition for your talent?

Are these only the so-called ‘young high potentials’ or are we also talking about those functions that can make the difference for your organization (key positions or key seats)?
Once the identification and definition have been agreed internally within your organization – by all stakeholders – the basis is created for designing policies in order to attract, train, motivate and – above all – retain the talent for your organization.



HR or Managers in many companies have challenges in retaining their talent. Talented employees prefer to work at companies which provide career progression along with the right level of market compensation and benefits.

Market-based terms & conditions in combination with work-life balance can no longer be ignored. Today’s employees value to the balance between work and private life greatly. However, the interpretation thereof can vary per sector or industry.

That is why a tailor-made remuneration aimed at your employees is crucial for your HR strategy; this also applies to your key positions and key seats.


ACA Consult BV has implemented multiple HR projects for a wide range of (inter)national clients. We have references available and please refer to our clients below.