Total Rewards

Our Total Rewards propositions is HR Project Consultancy for corporates, at any location throughout the globe. Our experience cover most continents, industries and cultures, in order to adapt to your companies’ way of working.

We always strive to efficiently deliver the clients’ strategy and goals without spending unnecessary consultancy hours. Therefore, we always offer transparently our best proposition which reflects a clear view for our clients regarding our process, costs, feasibility and risks.

Our expertise can be segmented in the following areas of Human Resources:

Job Architecture

We have over 15 years of experience with the known global methodologies provided by global consultancy firms. This leads to a direct advantage for you as a client: we can design & implement your job architecture and you as a client would not have to commit to the global consultant for their full proposition and consultancy.

This means that we can perform this project for you, against a much lower fee, with the same quality due to the fact that we work with the known and recognized global job architecture methodologies.

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Compensation Structures

Building compensation structures can become complicated depending on the companies’ pay philosophy and geographical scale. Equality in pay (gender pay) but also inflation, cost of living and other market influences, can lead to complications in terms of compensation.

ACA Consult B.V. can build your compensation structure(s) with a local and international view, whereby pay ranges per job level, skill set and competencies will be considered. A solid and future proof compensation structure will allow your HR or Finance department to manage the merit, promotion and incentive processes smoothly.

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Benefits Programs

Are your benefits aligned to your industry and market practise? How would you like to award your employees with Benefits and how will you manage? Are you in control of the benefits-costs and are you paying the market average?
These are just a few questions to ask yourself as a corporate in order to know the quality, competitiveness and costs of you benefits, per country.

Pension schemes, health insurance, disability coverage, company car or transportation policy ….. these are all benefits which may be under revision from a content perspective, market changes or simply affordability.
ACA Consult B.V. can help your organization to inventory, assess the market, compare solutions and implement the best vendors for your company.

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Talent Management

Do you have talented employees which you would like to retain as asset for your company? And what about succession planning – your future leaders?

Talent Management was and will remain a priority for companies in order to develop and retain your best in class employees for your future success. Programs should be build which can contain a combination of training, development and retention tools. And equally important: are your managers equipped to manage?
ACA Consult B.V. typically builds Talent Management programs and implement these with your HR-department. In parallel, we are specialized to train managers in the question “how to manage” the programs towards their employees (talent).

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With a geographical scope of Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg (Benelux) and United Arab Emirates (UAE), we compete as a boutique firm with the best agencies in the market for specialized HR-Total Rewards & Technology-positions.

Total Rewards positions

We are specialized in this area of HR Expertise and we have built a strong international network of Total Rewards, Compensation or Benefits professionals on different seniority levels. ACA Consult B.V. is the search agency for this area of expertise to cover every stage of the talent acquisition process.
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Tech, Digital & Cyber positions

We have an exclusive & specialized partner for Tech, Digital & Cyber-recruitment & sourcing: Proscope. ACA Consult B.V. is proud to announce our partnership with Proscope which expands our international network also in the Technology industry.

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Talent coaching

This expertise refers to you as professional or manager and will be tailored for you. Our goal is to boost your career by challenging you in your new role or to enhance your capabilities in your current role.

What do we offer?

ACA Consult B.V. will focus on you as a professional or manager and advise you through case studies to get you ready for your next step in your career.

Our method – in short – is that we first invest time in your personality, capabilities, weaknesses & strengths. Hereafter, we will challenge your professional goals by using case studies and investigate how effective you can perform based on the outcome of your personality test.

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